Nendoroid Shigure Kai Ni is a Nendoroid of Shigure from Kantai Collection manufactured by Good Smile Company. It is numbered 632 and was released in November 2016.


"Nendoroid Shigure, heading out!"

From the popular browser game 'Kantai Collection -KanColle-' comes a Nendoroid of the 2nd Shiratsuyu Class Destroyer, Shigure Kai Ni! She comes with three expressions including her standard smiling expression, a determined expression great for combat scenes as well as a rather worried looking expression based on her half-damaged illustration.

The large ship parts on her back can be separated and equipped as cannons for her to hold, and the smaller single and double-barrelled turrets on the sides can also be removed from the main ship parts and equipped separately, allowing for all sorts of different weapon setups! All of her turrets as well as the torpedo launchers also come with firing effect parts to really show off the full fire power of a destroyer - even in Nendoroid size!

She also comes with various optional parts to recreate both her 'Valentine' and 'Summer' seasonal outfits from the game! Enjoy the destroyer both ready for combat and in more everyday scenes!

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