Snow Miku (雪ミク Yuki Miku?) is a version of Hatsune Miku created in the 2010 Sapporo Snow Festival. It has since been used as a mascot for the annual Snow Miku Festivals.[1] The costume design is selected in an online competition with different themes every year.


Year Theme Winner
2012 Jewelry and Crystals Fluffy Coat
2013 Sweets Strawberry White Kimono
2014 Magical Girl Magical Snow
2015 Plant Life in Winter Snow Bell
2016 Winter Sports in Hokkaido Snow Owl
2017 Stars and Constellations of the Winter Hokkaido Twinkle Snow
2018 Animals of Snowy Hokkaido Crane Priestess
2019 A Hokkaido Snow Princess TBD

Costume designEdit


The winning designer of the costume was Taichadon (鯛ちゃどん?) with an outfit based on a shrine maiden costume with the Red-crowned crane as a motif. The official illustration was designed by Yasumo (やすも?).


On August 24, 2018, entry 2 by -LF-[2] was announced as the winner.[3]




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